Bikini Season


PROBLEM: I have a frozen shoulder, so it’s painful to reach around and fasten the straps of my bikini.

SOLUTION: Acupuncture helps increase mobility while decreasing pain and inflammation! Then you can put a bikini on your body.

PROBLEM: I am *very* pregnant, and my sciatica hurts too much to walk on the beach.

SOLUTION: Acupuncture is safe to use throughout all of pregnancy! Come in for care, then put a bikini on your body and head for the shore.

PROBLEM: I feel anxious about exposing my body in a bikini: “Did anybody see my camel toe?!” “OMG – my nip slipped out!!” “These stretch marks/spider veins/stubble/blemishes are SO EMBARRASSING!!!”

SOLUTION: Acupuncture helps reduce anxiety so you can put a bikini on your body, relax, and enjoy some fun in the sun.

PROBLEM: I have cancer, so I’m miserable from chemo…I’m not sure that I’m up for a bikini this season.

SOLUTION: Acupuncture helps decrease nausea, increase energy, and manage depression. Follow your oncologist’s recommendations for sun safety. Then put a bikini on your body and soak-up some Vitamin D.

PROBLEM: I feel uncomfortable in a bikini because I am gender non-conforming and fear being harassed.

SOLUTION: Acupuncture helps open your heart chakra and strengthen courage! Go put a bikini on your body, look at your beautiful self in the mirror, and (lovingly) tell the bullies to fuck-off.

PROBLEM: My belly is squishy and my thighs rub together…I want acupuncture to change that.

SOLUTION: No. Acupuncture is not useful for weight loss. Any practitioner who tells you otherwise should be filthy rich and have clients lined-up out their door to receive said magical weight-loss-protocol. At The Turning Point: Frederick’s Community Acupuncture, we value integrity and won’t sell you a lie…which is why we often have clients lined-up out *our* door for a $20 poke. (And that’s also why it’s better to make an appointment than to try walking-in!)

Besides, we don’t believe that all bodies should look the same…how boring would that be? Nourish yours with healthy, whole foods. Move it regularly with gentle exercise. Love it tenderly, and let go of what it looks like.

Any body that has a bikini on it is a bikini body. Got a problem making that happen? Maybe we can help. Call 240-405-7878 or schedule your appointment through our website:

Author: punkproprietress

Punk who pokes peeps for cheap.

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