My alma mater, the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (MCOM), reached out because they wanted to feature me in their annual report. This was my reply:

I practice community acupuncture, which is *not* what MCOM taught when I earned my degree a decade ago. (Well, it was mentioned *briefly* in Practice Management, but simply to state that low-pricing “devalues” the profession…as if “The Profession” is more important than the patients.)

A quick glance at MCOM’s website leaves me with the impression that community acupuncture is *still* not being taught there…in spite of many people (myself included) requesting that you teach it.

I know that MCOM recently failed the Dept of Ed’s gainful employment test, calculated by its students’ debt-to-earnings ratio. 

And so I understand why MCOM would want its annual report to highlight a graduate who has one of the busiest caseloads in the country, who received an economic department’s award for a business plan which makes healthcare accessible, who was voted “Best Acupuncturist” in town….but this would not be an honest representation of your overpriced, boutique program.

So unless I am mistaken — that is, unless the reason you want to feature me is b/c MCOM has done a 180 and now teaches students how to run high-volume/low-cost community clinics, enabling acupuncturists to provide affordable care in their communities while securing a living wage for themselves; and unless you have also lowered your tuition rates — then NO, you may not feature me or my practice in your annual report.

Sincerely, Jessica Feltz


Author: punkproprietress

Punk who pokes peeps for cheap.

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