When I first joined Facebook, I had ten online friends. I didn’t understand social media at all. I remember uploading some photos from my wedding, and was then mortified when people “liked” them. I hadn’t meant to grandstand or draw attention to myself…I simply thought I was saving the pictures for myself, to look at later.

Fast forward a decade.

I’ve made a few more friends. I have some inkling about how the book of faces works. And on an almost daily basis, someone tells me that they appreciate my posts.

Enter Cleo Dunsmore, who has been persistently, insistently cheerleading me to start a blog.

ME: There are far better writers out there than I. Who would even want to read my posts?! There are already *so many* good blogs…mine would just be more noise in a crowded arena.

CLEO: It’s not about being the best writer. Who cares if any of it is even publishable? The point is: you see the world differently. You write about that eloquently. You have changed MY life with your writing. A blog has the potential to reach MORE people than ANY of your Facebook posts. If only ONE other person reads your blog, and you change only ONE other life, then it will ALL have been worthwhile.

And that is where she hooked me: service to others.

So I puttered and I tinkered and I edited some old pieces. If we haven’t been friends for very long, you’ll likely find things you’ve never read before. If we’ve been friends for a while, you may find posts you’ve forgotten about. After a recent experiment in illustration, you’re likely to find more of that forthcoming. And of course, new material is always presenting itself.

If nothing else, it’ll be a place for me to save some of the things I’ve written, to look at later.


(And if you don’t want to miss my new posts, be sure to follow this blog!)

Author: punkproprietress

Punk who pokes peeps for cheap.

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